Unexpected Mondays, Magic words

Unexpected Mondays, Magic words

When X and Y get together because of fate, destiny or chance, unexpected things like that can happen:

I traveled from Spain to New York to visit some of my favorite people in the world. On my fourth day in the US, I was checking my Instagram  when I see that Dallas Clayton, children’s books writer, illustrator and probably the coolest person on Earth, travelled from sunny California to New York to give a talk, that same day! So, this is how Monday June 8th 2015, will always be remembered as the day I met Dallas Clayton.
Dallas talked for about two hours about books, kids and personal experiences. He shared with all of us his cool way of seeing the world, his simple but passionate way of living. He made us realize about the power of a simple idea and how sharing that idea can change the world.
While I was listening to him talking I was thinking about how cool it is that he decided to write books for children, how cool is to show to the little ones, and not that little, that we should all dream big, love all and be thankful for what we have (check An Awesome book, An Awesome book of Love and An Awesome book of Thanks).

Somebody special, once told me that there’s nothing comparable to the feeling you have when your favorite author reads one of your favorite books. Well, she was completely right, when Dallas started reciting “The Awesome book of Love” I could feel how the words came swinging to my ears and went straight to my heart. That was a magic feeling, a moment I would never forget.

If you want to know more about Dallas, visit his website or Instagram account! In there you will find tons of awesome things like drawings, videos and of course, his books.


A little book about dreaming big

A little book about dreaming big


The first time I read An Awesome Book I thought: “Hey, I’ve never read anything like this before! This is cool, everyone should read it”. I liked it so much that I started looking for information about the book and I found that a lot of people, like me, thought that it was a pretty cool book. But what makes An Awesome Book so special? Well, it’s colorful, it’s cute and it has an empowering message: DREAM BIG! It’s a book that everyone, big or small, can read and enjoy; it’s for people who have fantastic dreams, for those who made their dreams come true and even for people who have given up dreaming. It’s a book for all of us!

Dallas Clayton is such an inspiration to me. Besides being an amazing writer and illustrator, he’s always creating and sharing stuff with people (follow him on Instagram!), he travels the world talking about his books, he paints murals and he writes little beautiful poems. Dallas contributes in making the world a better place and that is what makes him so cool.

If you need a reason to check out this book, I will give you 5:

1. You can read as many times as  you want here

2. It’s truly inspiring!

3. Dallas Clayton is awesome.

4. It will make you happy.

5. It’s more than a kids book.

La primera vegada que vaig llegir An Awesome Book, vaig pensar: “Mai he llegit un llibre com aquest! És genial, tothom l’hauria de llegir”. Em va agradar tan que vaig començar a buscar informació sobre aquest llibre i vaig descubrir que molta gent pensava igual que jo, An Awesome Book és un llibre increíble. Però per què és un llibre tan especial? Bé, té molts colors, és maco i transmet un missatge positiu: SOMIA AMB GRANS COSES! És un llibre que tothom, grans i petits, poden llegir i disfrutar: és per a gent amb fantàstics somnis, per persones que han fet els seus somins realitat i per aquells que han decidit parar de somiar. És un llibre per a tots nosaltres!

Dallas Clayton és tota una inspiració. A part de ser un increïble il·lustrador i escriptor, sempre està creant i compartint coses amb la gent (segueix-lo a Instagram!), viatja per el món parlant sobre els seus llibres, pinta murals i escriu petits poemes. En Dallas contrubueix a fer un món millor i això és el que fa que sigui tan guai.

Si nescessites una raó per fer una ullada a aquest llibre, te’n donaré 5:

1. El pots llegir tantes vegades com vulguis aqui

2. És molt inspirador!

3. Dallas Clayton és increïble.

4. Et farà més feliç.

5. És més que un llibre per nens.