Unexpected Mondays, Magic words

Unexpected Mondays, Magic words

When X and Y get together because of fate, destiny or chance, unexpected things like that can happen:

I traveled from Spain to New York to visit some of my favorite people in the world. On my fourth day in the US, I was checking my Instagram  when I see that Dallas Clayton, children’s books writer, illustrator and probably the coolest person on Earth, travelled from sunny California to New York to give a talk, that same day! So, this is how Monday June 8th 2015, will always be remembered as the day I met Dallas Clayton.
Dallas talked for about two hours about books, kids and personal experiences. He shared with all of us his cool way of seeing the world, his simple but passionate way of living. He made us realize about the power of a simple idea and how sharing that idea can change the world.
While I was listening to him talking I was thinking about how cool it is that he decided to write books for children, how cool is to show to the little ones, and not that little, that we should all dream big, love all and be thankful for what we have (check An Awesome book, An Awesome book of Love and An Awesome book of Thanks).

Somebody special, once told me that there’s nothing comparable to the feeling you have when your favorite author reads one of your favorite books. Well, she was completely right, when Dallas started reciting “The Awesome book of Love” I could feel how the words came swinging to my ears and went straight to my heart. That was a magic feeling, a moment I would never forget.

If you want to know more about Dallas, visit his website or Instagram account! In there you will find tons of awesome things like drawings, videos and of course, his books.


Simple stories make great books

Simple stories make great books

When I look for what I call a “cool book“, I’m looking for something funny, cute, artistic and cleaver but above all I’m looking for something magical; a book that will take the child to a world of wonder. When children read a book, they should learn to be more sensitive, artistic and creative, they should learn to watch the world with glittering eyes.

Luckly, nowadays there are a few authors who make children believe in magic, Mac Barnett is one of them. Extra yarn is the first book I read by Barnett and I just loved everything about it. Today I want to talk about Sam and Dave dig a hole, the story of two friends who decide to dig a hole because they are in a mission to find something spectacular and because digging holes is always fun. To me, the book is just brilliant, it’s the perfect example that a simple story with simple illustrations make a great book! With a few words, the authors tells you how fun it is to enjoy the journey and how something unexpected can be really spectacular. Sam and Dave dig a hole is what I understand for a cool book.

Oh, and don’t miss the book trailer, it’s simply amazing: click here to watch it!

Quan busco un llibre per a nens, busco que sigui divertit, maco, intel·ligent i artístic però per sobre de tot busco que sigui màgic; un llibre que transporti el lector a un món meravellós. Quan un nen llegeix un llibre, hauria d’aprendre a ser més sensible, artística i creatiu, en definitiva, a veure el món amb ulls brillants.

Afortunadament, avui en dia hi ha alguns autors que fan que els nens creguin en la màgia, Mac Barnett és un d’ells. Llana a dojo va ser el primer llibre de Barnett que vaig llegir i només puc dir que em va encantar.

Avui vull parlar sobre En Jan i en Pep fan un foratla història de dos amics que decideixen de fer un forat per trobar una cosa espectacular i també perquè fer un forat sempre és divertit. Per mi, aquest llibre és brillant, és l’esemple perfecte de com una història simple i unes il·lustracions simples, constitueixen a fer un llibre increíble! Amb poques paraules, l’autor t’explica com de divertit és disfrutar del viatge i com a vegades, una cosa inesperada pot ser espectacular. En Jan i en Pep fan un forat és el que entenc per un perfecte llibre infantil.

Ah, no et perdis el book trailer, és molt bo: clica aqui!


Revolting Rhymes

Revolting Rhymes


I love Roald Dahl. I spent half of my childhood obsessed with Matilda, I was terrified with The Twits and I dreamt of becoming the owner of a chocolate factory (with Oompa Loompas included).

Dahl watched the world with glittering eyes, his books are full of dark humor, magic and unforgettable characters. He had the ability to see the world through a child’s eyes, that is why, as a kid, you can relate to all the stories he wrote.

Today I will be talking about maybe one of the less known books by Roald Dahl: Revolting Rhymes. First thing I have to say about this book is that it’s amazingly funny! Dahl took some of the classic fairy tales such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White among others and transformed them into comical poems.

All the poems have a dark an unconventional ending, which is what makes the stories hilarious. I think it’s a great way to introduce children to poetry, keep in mind that the vocabulary can be a little complicated for young kids. This is just too good to be missed!


(Cinderella is my favorite!)