How to get a 100 feet Blue Whale

How to get a 100 feet Blue Whale

If you always dreamt about owning a Blue Whale, now you can have one! It’s easy, first of all you have to go to the nearest library or bookstore and look for “Billy Twitters and his Blue Whale problem” by genius author Mac Barnett, illustrated by the very talented Adam Rex.

Once you have it, read it carefully, this book will tell you hilarious story of how Billy Twitters have to learn to be responsible by taking care of a blue whale. This book will also give you a few tips on how to feed, wash and “walk” a whale.

When you finish reading the book, please take a minute or two to admire the inside covers because they are full of hilarious vintage-looking ads promoting all kinds os ocean related items. In one of this ads you will find all the information on how to get your very own blue whale, you just have to send a letter saying that you would like a whale and wait for the answer.

After reading this book we all agreed that owning a blue whale is pretty cool so we wrote a letter asking for one and a few weeks later we have got an answer! Ladies and Gentlemen, we are the owners of Daniel, a 100ft Blue Whale. Daniel is currently living in Sognefjord, a beautiful fjord located in Norway, where he swims happy in the ice cold water with the other whales. Maybe one day we will be able to see Daniel in person but meanwhile we can leave him voice messages on his phone number, which is something great.

It’s really cool to see how books are becoming more than a story written on a piece of paper. This is a clear example on how the story becomes real making you live the adventures you just read about on the book. It’s amazing too see the face of a kid when you ask them if they would like a blue whale.

If you want to have your very own blue whale (don’t worry, it’s just a free trial), you can send a letter to this address.






Anem a caçar un ós / We’re going on a Bear hunt – Michael Rosen + Helen Oxenbury

Anem a caçar un ós / We’re going on a Bear hunt – Michael Rosen + Helen Oxenbury

imageHistòria d’una valent familia que travessa un camp, un riu i fins i tot una tempesta per anar a caçar un ós ben gros. Però quan arriben a la cova de l’òs descubreixen que l’animal és més gros i més ferotge del que ells pensaven…

Història repetitiva que fa servir moltes onomatopeies per reproduir els sons que els personatges fan al travessar un riu, passar per sobre el fang o caminar per un prat d’herba. El llibre és dinàmic i fàcil de memoritzar, perfecte per despertar la imaginació dels més petits.

M’agrada per…

Les il·lustracions són molt boniques i perfectes per acompanyar un text tan característic. És un bon llibre per llegir en veu alta.

Per més informació, jocs i activitats:

This is the story of a brave family that go on a bear hunt. They have to walk trough a field, a storm and even cross a river to find the bear but when they get to the cave, they realize the bear is bigger than what they imagined…

Repetitive story that uses onomatopoeia to describe different sounds. The fact that it’s very dynamic makes it easy to memorize. It’s the perfect book to read aloud, the kids will love to make the different sounds!

It’s a plus…

The illustrations are really beautiful and perfect for the text. Even though it’s a classic book I still think it’s really original.

For more information, games, activities and a video of the author reading the book: